Bucket List: So much to see and do in London…so little time!

We love a good list so we thought this would be a great place to keep track of all the things we still have yet to do here in London!

Places to visit

  1. Bicester Village – Good sales in London are hard to find but not in Bicester Village! This place is supposed to be a shopper’s dream; we are determined to see if that is true for ourselves.

Places to eat

  1. Duck & Waffle – No trip to London is complete without at least one brunch in the sky at Duck & Waffle — or so we have heard. Fingers crossed we can actually get a reservation here — the website is fully booked for the next two months. Boo.London Duck & Waffle
  2. Hakkasan – Okay, technically we have already been here, but the food was so good it deserves another round. (Note: Our current record here is 4.5 hours for lunch; we will see if we can match it!)Hakkasan Restaurant and bar

    Hakkasan photo collage
    Our six course, 4.5 hour lunch at Hakkasan
  3. Bad Egg – Bottomless brunch, breakfast tacos, french toast and pancakes…we walked past here once and were immediately taken in by the great scents and the relaxed but buzzy atmosphere. Definitely a place we are going to try.

Things to try

  1. Dirty Martini Cocktail Master Class – Learn how to make 2 delicious cocktails, plus a free drink on arrival and a sharing platter? Consider us sold — this is a must do before Christmas!
  2. Ride Republic – So this looks like so much fun we can’t make up our mind which class to try first. The ‘Burn 45’ class has a live ‘Burn Board’ which shows how each participant stacks up against everyone else. But with choices that include themed rides, ‘Cardio & Core’ and ‘Battle Ride’, we may have to make more than one visit. Check out their website for their offer of 3 classes for £30.
  3. Go Ape at Trent Park This choice is a little out of our comfort zone (well, one of ours, at least) but all the people in photos really do look like they are having lots of fun. The website assures us that everything is completely safe, so nothing to worry about at all!

We also would love to hear your suggestions of anything great you think we are missing! Leave us some more ‘must do’ ideas in the comments and we will be sure to give them a try!


Kendra & Kara


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