#rebelsleeprepeat: 1Rebel Gym Review


Earlier this year (sometime after New Year’s resolutions), we were looking for a gym to get back into the fitness habit. We wanted something affordable, with lots of early morning class options and, most importantly, fun. After a lot of browsing around online for spin classes, we found 1Rebel – a new concept gym that looked like it just might be the one.

First Impressions

The only word to describe 1Rebel on our first visit would definitely have to be: intimidating. On arrival at the St. Mary’s Axe location, everything is sleek and industrial with chrome and black decor throughout. There were signs recruiting to us to ‘join the rebel army’ and ‘shut up and ride’ and there was a moment when we thought that maybe this wasn’t such a great idea after all. But before we could change our minds and sneak out to get brunch instead, the front of house team was smiling to welcome us in and get us all checked into our Saturday morning Ride class.

The team picked up on our overwhelmed faces and gave us the grand tour. First up was the Roots & Bulbs Cafe, where you can order smoothies or juices to refuel as soon as you finish class. Prices range around £8 and possible ingredients include wheatgrass and flax seed, so we can only assume that they must be good for you.

Next we popped into the ladies’ changing rooms and they were gorgeous. More of the industrial theme, with dozens of lockers, GHD hair straighteners and dryers, fluffy towels, a fridge of chilled towels and lots of bath products. Only downside for us are the showers, which never seem like enough at 7am on a weekday and, for whatever reasons, don’t have actual doors. It’s great to work out like a badass but we prefer a just a little more creature comforts afterward.


After the tour, we decided not to run away and gave the first class a try. We survived — just barely! It was hard and challenging and absolutely amazing and, well, we have been going back ever since.

Class Schedules

Since we first joined, 1Rebel now has two locations – St. Mary’s Axe and Broadgate.

St. Mary’s Axe is home to Ride, which is 1Rebel’s take on the traditional spin class. Sessions are 30 or 45 minutes long and incorporate hand weights, music and lights to make sure that you get your money’s worth in sweat while having a good time.


In addition to Ride, St. Mary’s Axe also offers Reshape – a 45 minute bootcamp where you do alternating sets between floor/bench exercises with weights and treadmill sprints and hills. On Saturday and Sunday mornings you can also do Double Shot – 30 minutes of Ride and 30 minutes of Reshape back-to-back.

Broadgate’s signature class is Rumble – 45 minutes of cardio with boxing and MMA elements. There is also a Reshape studio and on Saturday, you can do Rounds which combines both classes in a 60 minute workout.


Early morning classes start from 6:15am and the latest classes start at 7:30pm, with all of the above options available each day of the week.

Pricing Structure

1st sessions start at £10 and packages are available for packs of up to 50 sessions which can be used for any class and are valid for over a year. Offers are also available; you can call and ask about the Rebel Pass – their monthly payment program.


Over the next month, we are participating in the 1mpact club‘s #rebelsleeprepeat fitness challenge – doing 5 sessions a week for 4 weeks, during which we hope to work our way through the entire range of classes. We look forward to giving you updates along way about some of our favorite (and most brutal) sessions!

Drop us a note if there are any instructors/classes you think we must try — we love taking recommendations!


Kendra & Kara


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