Happy Halloween: Costume DIY 101!

So, it’s the week before Halloween and you want an awesome costume for not much money? Been there so we totally get it! Just follow these quick and easy steps to be an instant success!

Step 1: Find a buddy

Face it, the only thing better than one great costume is two of them! Living with with one of your best friends makes it a lot easier to find someone willing to subscribe to being your costume’s other half.

Step 2: Look for inspiration

In our case, we took to Pinterest to get some ideas! Select your difficulty level based on your craftiness and creativity — being that we are two accountants…we went with ‘Super Easy’.

Step 3: Source your outfit

With not much time and a limited budget, Amazon is your best friend. Having selected our ‘Super Easy’ outfit, we went about finding pieces that would look great…and ship in one day.

As you probably guessed from our teaser photo, we went as the Super Mario Bros!


Our budget look was courtesy of the following:

2 x Anvil (red and green) v-neck t-shirts  – £6.00 each

2 x Blue Unisex Suspenders -£2.65 each

1 x Super Mario Bros Cosplay Hats – £5.00

2 x Poirot Moustache Necklaces – £4.00 each

2 x Ribbed Bodycon Pencil Skirts – £4.50 each

The final look was super cute and under our budget : )



Of course, immediately after we ordered all our DIY pieces, we found out that you can just buy a pre-made Super Mario costume on Amazon for £15.99… Oh well, there is always next year!


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