Weekend in Review: Halloween x 2 and NFL in London

Do you come into work on a Monday, and your colleagues ask the mandatory – so how was your weekend? And you usually respond – it was okay, and of course the follow up question is so what did you get up to? At that point you think – well what did I get up to? For us this usually is the standard, went to the gym, sat on the couch watching TV and then it was Monday. Not this weekend however! We had a jam packed weekend – kind of what your friends from home think every weekend is like living in London.


The 1mpact Club recently joined forces with 1Rebel, so Friday saw us venturing back to 1Rebel at the Broadgate location (the second time that day) for the first of what we hope turns into an annual Halloween party. This wasn’t just your typically Halloween party however, in true 1Rebel fashion there were performances (contortionists, and a fire dance with a saw), face painting, hair braiding and last but not least an open bar with lots of prosecco, vodka and beer.




With one night of partying already under out belt, we couldn’t stop on actual Halloween night. We started the morning completing our 5th 1Rebel class of the week (yes, we said that right 5th), and naturally, after the gym you need to refuel and what better way than brunch?

We never are that organised to pre-book somewhere, so we go on good faith that walk-ins are still welcome. We made our way to Covent Garden and ventured into the Ivy Market Grill. Can we say old world charm? We will need to do a proper review later, but suffice to say we will come back again if not just for the truffle arancini balls and the chocolate bomb.

Now on to the fun stuff, Halloween and fancy dress (as the Brits would say). In picking a costume for this year’s Halloween party, we ventured to Pinterest for inspiration.Check out our Halloween post for more on our costume and where you can plan for next year.


The night was great, and what better than ending a night out dancing with some Chinese in Soho.


So you would think we would be in bed all day, not exactly. With only about 5 hours sleep, we were back at it to go to Wembley for the last game of 2015 in the NFL in UK International Series. It was our first NFL game ever. So to say we were excited was a bit of an understatement.  Arriving at Wembley with about an hour to spare, we tried our luck at the Official NFL store – but like any major event in London there was a queue – 2 hours to be exact (don’t worry we went inside the stadium and had a 10 minute queue).

Now onto the game, the atmosphere was fantastic – 83 thousand people came out to the game and the entertainment throughout made it a lively event. Whilst the game wasn’t that competitive – the Kanas City Chiefs won 45 to 10 to the Detroit Lions, we witnessed a lot of touchdowns and fire shows to boot.

IMG_7083 IMG_7107 IMG_7096 IMG_7110

Thinking back to this weekend, we are just exhausted writing about it. We hope you enjoyed the photos and look forward to partaking in some of these events next year.


Kara & Kendra


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