Top three reasons why you should go to Milan


Milan is a beautiful city full of culture, fashion and history. There are at least a hundred reasons to visit but we managed to narrow them down to our top 3 below.

3. Duomo di Milano


It’s not an exaggeration to say that, in Milan, all roads lead to Duomo — it’s a fact. They literally all do. We arrived in Milan late on a Friday night and, feeling a bit adventurous, hopped in a beige local taxi and said, “Take us to the city center!” Our driver brought us to Piazza del Duomo and our mouths dropped. The cathedral is beautiful and incredibly ornate, with over 3,000 statues. It’s the kind of place you could stare at all day.

Which is actually what we did for a bit — bringing us to…

2. La Rinascente

La Rinascente is a department store. Let’s just get that out of the way. More accurately, it is the best department store in Milan. The store is huge and has lots of amazing finds. Being in Italy, there is a giant section of niche pastas and sauces to try. There’s a million varieties of biscotti in beautiful packaging which make for great gifts. Our favorite find was a jar of hazelnut chocolate spread (which sounds like fancy Nutella but is really so much more).

The best part about La Rinascente is after you have spent all your money shopping, there is a Moët champagne bar where you can relax with a glass of Moët Ice and stare out at directly at the top spires of Duomo. After a busy day of touring and sightseeing, a few hours here was a perfect way to end the evening.


It’s also a great way to spend a sunny afternoon; in the day, you can sit on the rooftop terrace of Il Bar with a glass of Aperol Spritz and enjoy a view of the entire piazza.


So what makes the top of our list as the number one reason why you should book a ticket to Milan?

(Hint: It’s not the Last Supper.)

1. The food!

It seems safe to say that the Italians have mastered the art of food. Breakfast in Milan was amazing — flaky croissants, steaming cappuccinos, giant cups of cioccolato (which, we were very pleased to learn, really is just a massive cup of melted chocolate — for breakfast!).


Lunch was also great — fluffy risotto, crispy garlic bread, massive pizzas with crusts toasted to perfection, all followed by a giant glass of wine in the sunshine. We ate on the sidewalk of a small cafe; the portions were so generous that lunch took about 3 hours and we still weren’t able to finish.


No trip to Milan would be complete without trying the veal Milanese for dinner. It did not disappoint and was both crispy and tender.

And of course, you will also have to find a gelateria to try as many flavors of gelato as you can. It’s the only way to end an Italian culinary tour. The hand swirled cones and cups are almost as beautiful as they are delicious.


Living in London, Milan is a great place for a city break. It’s under 2 hours away by plane and the city is small enough that you can see quite a lot of it over a weekend. Do a hop on, hop off tour and get the lay of the land then make sure you stop to see the Last Supper. (But do book your tickets in advance for this as they sell out early.) If you can’t make it to see Da Vinci’s masterpiece, no worries. Just take a stroll down until you find Duomo and spend the weekend at the Moët bar instead. That’s cultural, right?


Kendra and Kara


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