#Rebelsleeprepeat How did we do?

In our first post on 1Rebel we gave you a brief overview of the challenge we were partaking in – #rebelsleeprepeat. We can’t believe its already been a month. The challenge was 4 class a week for 4 weeks. Each week we did a selection of Ride, Reshape, Rumble and Double Shot with a variety of instructors. We will give you an overview of each class our favourite instructions and how we feel we progressed through the four weeks.


A high intensity spin class. We do 2 a week to break up our Reshape and Rumble classes. The thing we love most about Ride is that after each class your thighs are burning. We have two current favourite instructors – Pierre and Esmee. They are both so different but give you an exhilarating workout at 6:45 in the morning, Pierre is sure to make you climb a hill that you say to yourself when am I ever going to climb a hill this steep and Esmee will give you a party on the bike as if you’re in a club on a Friday night.

We tried as our finale workout Live Ride – a musician joins the class playing a live instrument throughout. These classes book up quickly on the schedule so we were unable to take our usual positions in the first couple rows. The back of the room isn’t great in the new Ride set up as you aren’t elevated and lack visual lines to the instructor. However, overall the music was great (we had a saxophonist) but as we just couldn’t see what we were suppose to be doing, it ended up not being our favourite class of the challenge.

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This is the workout we dread the most each week. We typically  do the full body with Pierre on Wednesday mornings, but have also had Daniel (new on the schedule), Robyn, Sammy and Tiago. We found Robyn to be extremely hard – but that good kind of whip your butt in shape hard that you need when you want to give up. With Robyn we improved on our sprints and now have PBs up to 15mph (we started the challenge at 12).


Boxing on steroids? We have a love hate relationship with Rumble. The last few weeks we have been going to Esmee’s Friday morning classes. Her classes have a big focus on cardio and we have started doing pair workouts which you either love or hate. Just think you are doing burpees until your partner finishes their set.


30 minutes in the reshape studio followed by 30 minutes of ride on a Saturday morning – we seem to like torture. Ida May has been teaching us for the last few weeks – with Robyn subbing in once. Ida’s classes are great! She was the first instructor to have us using weights in Ride after a full 30 minute double shot – can we say brutal??

Overall after the four weeks, we definitely feel stronger. We may not have lost weight on the scale but our energy levels, endurance, speed, and strength has all improved, with the added bonus that our clothes aren’t as tight as they use to be (good sign right?).

We hope to continue with the 4-5 classes each week until we break for the Christmas holidays.

Have you tried out 1Rebel yet, or the #rebelsleeprepeat challenge? Let us know your thoughts and progress in the comments below.


Kara & Kendra


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