Luiz Hara Supper Club: A Review

Are you a fan of come dine with me? Consider come dine with me but with a real chef and 20 other people. Welcome to the Luiz Hara Supper Club. We stumbled across Luiz on his Instagram – the London Foodie. The pictures are what captivated us. So we decided to be adventurous and booked a night, invited one of our friends, grabbed a few bottles of wine (it’s BYOB) and journeyed to Luiz’s house.

Firstly can we say awestruck – Luiz’s house was one of the most beautiful places we have seen in London (okay we haven’t seen many houses – but still!).

But onto to the dinner. There were about 30 of us for a Japanese fusion dinner. We started with a whisky and ginger ale cocktail and flavored popcorn along with other canapés including steamed goyzas.


After a few minutes of mingling, dinner was announced and you were escorted downstairs according to your seating arrangements. One of the great things we enjoyed was the company at the dinner table of not just your friends but strangers who through their stories you find commonalities. 

Once seated Luiz provide an overview of the menu and the evening. We will detail through pictures our menu (which was quite extensive). 

Our first starter was a tuna tartar which was melt in your mouth. 

Next up was a Japanese style risotto with a poached egg. It was delicious but not exactly our favorite of the night. 

We then moved on to a sea bream and scallop ceviche. Like the tuna this just melted in your mouth and the sushi grade was one you would expect in the top sushi restaurants in London.  


Believe it or not we aren’t even through with the starters. To get us prepped for the main course we received a miso soup – not any oridinary miso soup though this was seasoned exceptionally well and included chucks of pork belly. 

We ended – finally ( we had more than our share of meals already at normal restaurants) our starters with tempura prawns and veggies. The fact that one can make tempura in their home astounds us, but this was better than some restaurant quality tempura. 

After a 20 minute break – trust us you need it. We moved onto the main course. Slow braised short rib with rice and charred peppers. All of the main course was just delicious. 

 Now no dinner is complete without dessert. Luiz served a Japanese style custard with lemon creme fraiche. We had seconds so you know it was fantastic. 

Overall we had a fantastic time. It was a more personable experience than going out to a restaurant and the food was just as delicious as you would expect at some of London’s top picks. 

For a cost of £45 per person for about an 8 course meal we would highly recommend you booking with Luiz. We are on the look out for our next supper club. If you have been previously we would greatly appreciate your suggestions. 

If you book into Luiz share with us your experience!


Kara & Kendra


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