Our top London discoveries of 2015

It’s amazing how fast this year has flown by. We remember last year like it was yesterday going back to London after our Christmas holidays and we are right back here again. We have had so many great experiences this year in London and our travels that we would like to share those top experiences with you.

We will share with you our top discoveries in London and also in another post detail our top travel experiences so keep on the look out.

Now to round up our London experiences!

London is an amazing place with so many places to see, food to eat and adventures to explore. We have tried to jam pack each year with something new and we are still discovering each day new places.

Earlier this year as we came off a New Years resolution to get in better shape we found 1Rebel. They have now become our regular gym. Check out our post on 1Rebel.


We also discovered another spin studio – Psycle. They opened their second location in the new Crossrail station at Canary Wharf. We love their collaborations with Sweaty Betty and other fitness brands as you get to spin and goodies at the same time! Whats not to love?

Okay so now that fitness is out the way! Let’s find out what else we found that London has to offer.

Cambridge – so this place made us want to go back to University. We journeyed to Cambridge on a bank holiday with mimosas in hand – naturally. We didn’t know what to expect, but what we found was …..


Cambridge was beautiful! We will have a separate post on our day out but just would like to give you glimpse before hand. And of course there was punting!

We hope to make it to Oxford in 2016 to cover our UK university tours, and sweatshirt collection.

Next up in our discoveries is the cinemas, we love a good movie and who wouldn’t like it in comfort. With the completion of the Canary Wharf Crossrail station came Everyman Cinemas. They have a few screens but specialise in comfort. You can select either a sofa or an arm chair and they bring your food and drinks to you. Did we forget to mention that you can buy bottles of wine, champagne or sip on delicious cocktails. Also, they have the BEST hotdog we have had in London.

There is probably a trend currently on our blog which surrounds food and that is purely due to us loving food. We have made an effort to try varying restaurants but of course found our favourites. Sticks n Sushi – which we named our best restaurant in London is at the top of the list. To be fair this isn’t a 2015 discovery but we can’t miss it out.


We can’t leave this post however without mentioning cocktails. Londoners love their cocktails, so much so they created a cocktail week. We travelled during this week from Spitalfields, to Nottinghill to Soho and couldn’t have enjoyed ourselves more.

We have had a great 2015 in London, there were too many experiences to share in one post but keep on the look out for more in depth reviews and things to do in London. We are looking forward to 2016 and welcome any places you think we should add to our must do list.

Wishing you all a happy holidays!


Kara & Kendra



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