Paddleboarding 101: PappaSurf Review

If you are looking for a great way to spend a few hours on the water in the Bahamas, see a bit of marine life and even get a little workout at the same time, then paddleboarding is for you!

This holiday season we spent our New Year’s Eve with a morning paddleboarding lesson with PappaSurf. Paddleboarding has been on our bucket list since last summer so we were pretty excited for an opportunity to actually get to try it.

Our paddleboards!
PappaSurf offers a 2 hour private lesson where their instructors give you an briefing on how to use the paddles, how to balance on the boards and then take you out on a supervised water tour.

We definitely recommend this for anyone (local or tourist) who is interested in learning how to paddleboard. We did the private lesson, starting out by Goodman’s Bay, and had Aaron and Kofi as our instructors. They gave us a great overview of the basics and were both incredibly patient and made sure everyone managed to get the hang of it. After showing us how to ride, they took us out on the open water for a few races and some sightseeing.

Our GoPro selfie!
We were most impressed with how knowledgeable they both were of the sport and the marine environment. During the lesson they were able to point out the marine life in the area, making sure we gave a wide berth for endangered turtles. They were also able to answer any questions about different types of boards, paddles or anything else we could think of to ask about.

Beautiful morning at Goodman’s Bay
Overall, the price for a 2 hours lesson is reasonable (especially considering we had almost one-on-one instruction). The service was great; we were able to book by credit card over the phone and got photos of our trip sent to us afterward by email.

Til next time!
Below is a link to a quick video montage of some of the footage from our trip — the pictures only start to do justice to the great time we had. It was an amazing time and will definitely be using PappaSurf again when we are back in Nassau!



Kendra & Kara


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