Oslo city break: cold and delicious!

oslo2With our time left in London winding down, we made our last European trip of 2015 to Oslo. This city made our ‘must-visit’ list mainly due to curiosity and an unbeatable British Airways package price. Besides, how many Bahamians can say they have visited each country in Scandinavia?? (Of course if you have, do hit us up and let us know about your experience so we can trade notes!)

Below is a review of a few of our favourite things from our trip.


City Tour

This trip really snuck up on us. We booked the tickets weeks in advance then before we knew it – oh, hey, it’s time to run to Heathrow! So we didn’t have a real itinerary planned in advance and just played the whole weekend by ear.

So when we arrived at the gorgeous Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel at almost midnight, our first question to the front desk was: What is there to eat around here, like now? Then, having sorted that out (spoiler: our options were pizza or pizza), we asked: What’s the best way to see the city.

Midnight dinner: Pizza and champagne — thanks, Just Eat!

The front desk recommended HMK’s Panorama City Tour. For 240 NOK (or 20 GBP) per person, it was honestly a steal. The coach was huge (and warm), the guide was funny and informative and the tour took us to the must-see spots: a walking tour through Vigeland Sculpture Park, the Holmenkollen Ski Jump, three museums and City Hall.

Frogner Park: Sinnataggen (Angry Boy)
Viking ship at the Viking Museum

Panorama Bar

Having seen the city by day, we hit the streets to see what Oslo was like at night. Night starts pretty early in Norway in December, with a 3pm sunset. There was a Christmas market in the city center that was in full swing, with lots of children ice skating and playing games. There was also a line for what we assume are the best churros in all of Norway — seriously, the queue measured almost two city blocks.

It was not quite freezing but these kids were still making the most of the skating rink!

Lines were definitely a theme for the weekend as every food stall was also crowded with people. All of the restaurants were similarly packed and, as we were starving, we enjoyed an authentic meal at the local Hard Rock Cafe. (Go ahead, judge away, but the food was delicious.)

Directions to everywhere (including the North Pole)!

While there we saw we were two minutes from the Magic Ice Bar Oslo. This was a great detour and there really is nothing more fun than singing karaoke to The Weeknd’s “I Can’t Feel My Face” when you literally can’t feel your face for the cold. After a few rounds and some photos with the gorgeous ice sculptures, we headed out for our next stop.

Just chilling out with Nietzsche…as you do.

The Panorama Bar was on the 34th floor of our hotel and was brimming with people when we got there. We had to assert ourselves a bit to order some drinks and wait (im)patiently to snag seats at the bar but it was definitely worth the effort.

The bar, as its name suggests, has seats in front of ceiling to floor windows and overlooks the entire city. From this vantage point, you can see the lights of the Holmenkollen Ski Jump across to the Oslo Opera House. With an amazing cocktail from the menu and great sky view, there was no better way to end the night.

Round two of our amazing cocktails — these were great!

American Brunch at Cafe Fedora

Our last meal in Oslo was certainly the most memorable. We happened upon Cafe Fedora and from the moment we laid eyes on the menu, we knew it would be love.

Great words for a great morning!

This cozy cafe is home to the best cheesy grits we have ever eaten. In life. For a pair of 20-somethings raised in the Bahamas and who have eaten our way through the southern USA, this is real high praise. Photos of our breakfast are in our Oslo photo post here.

Every single menu item cooked in this homey kitchen is delicious. This restaurant was worth the trip to Oslo – no exaggeration. It is such a great find and was the best way to spend a few hours, warm and full on a cold December morning.

Isn’t it honestly just the cutest?

So those are our favorites from our quick trip to Oslo! Let us know if you have any others or recommendations for where else we should go to next!



Kendra & Kara


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