Luck of the Irish? – Spending St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin

Dublin was our first Euro trip together in March 2014 and on the spur of the moment, we decided why not go for St. Patrick’s Day!

Dublin was bustling with young people for the weekend. It was like heading to a carnival festival! Like every tourist in the city during that weekend, we headed on the first night to Temple Bar. Temple Bar is a quarter in Dublin which is known for its nightlife and pubs. For St. Patrick’s day weekend this was no different.

Our first stop off the plane was for cocktails at the Morgan Bar at the Morgan Hotel. They have an extensive cocktail list and a offer a great escape from the crowds of Temple Bar.


For the rest of the trip Temple Bar was our hub, we ventured in and out throughout the day and only stopped back at the hotel to change for round 2 in the nights.

Outside of Temple Bar – we recommend a trip to the Guinness Storehouse. Considered one of our highlights of the trip we spent hours at the Factory touring, learning and sipping Guinness. Whilst we agree it does taste MUCH different in the store – we might leave our Guinness drinking days to Dublin.

We used the Hop-On-Hop-Off tour to get to the Factory while also taking in the sights of Dublin. We recommend purchasing tickets before your trip so that you can skip the queues.

Dublin offered us a great weekend of partying (one we haven’t experienced anything like in a long time). If you were in Dublin this weekend share your St. Patrick’s Day experiences below. If not we hope you get to experience Dublin during St. Patrick’s Day next year.


Kara & Kendra



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