We’re loco for cocoa!

It’s been a while since we shared a post with you. We are terribly sorry – we have been filling each weekend with our travel and London bucket lists along with that awful thing called a full-time job!

But to kick things back off we thought why not something a bit light-hearted and why not a bit of chocolate?

Chocolate is said to be a girls best friend (personally champagne might rank just above the chocolate), so during Easter of course we needed to get our chocolate fix because the chocolate eggs just weren’t enough!

We embarked on a food journey our long weekend in London (we’ll have to tell you more about that in another post). After a delicious brunch at B&H we made the journey to Harrods. Harrods has a Godiva Cafe which is every chocolate lovers dream. Serving delights made from Godiva chocolate you should come here hungry.

The menu tantalized us, but we had come with one thing on our mind – crepes.

Just take a moment to let those pics sink in!

We got the crepes filled with ice cream, topped with fresh strawberries and melted milk chocolate on the side. You can choose dark chocolate if you fancy.

The crepes we’re deliciously fresh and the chocolate sauce silky smooth and perfectly warmed.

But if that wasn’t enough chocolate – we got the Chocolixir – a chocolate ice cream cooler.

The Godiva cafe is perfect for those looking for a quick dessert and have offerings that range from cheesecake to fondue. The cafe is located within Harrods and there is no need to book. A dessert here will cost you about £15 a bit steep, but well worth the treat.

Have you been to the cafe? Tell us your thoughts below.


Kara & Kendra


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